~JOB!! Money or Desire?~

Which one are you in your current job- money or you enjoy your task?
Isu ini pernah dibincang oleh c DJ Suriafm from Sabah, Otohe. quite interesting though. Dan saya percaya setiap orang ada alasan why they choose their way to survive..
Sesetengah pihak bekerja because for the money of course.. in nowadays reality world money is everything!!! Ada yang bekerja diluar rangkuman apa yang pernah dipelajari semasa di universiti or kolej, dan sebaliknya. Asalkan dapat gaji banyak whatever job it is they will accept..
*no money no talk*
but some people do it becoz their enjoy what they did walaupun kerja yang sama setiap hari di opis... as long as they can live happier then they will be ok..
And for me due to my current task, I LOVE and ENJOY it!!! Yes I do really2 enjoy my job.. Walaupun mempunyai 'passport' untuk mendapat gaji yang selayaknya, saya rasa masih berbaloi..
My work is related in financial and accounting and when it comes to accounting the task will be more difficult ..
Income and expenses mesti rekod and expenses must be within the budget, trial balance must be balance, budget must be finished, final report like balance sheet,profit and loss must be ready by end of the year,etc..its so many..
Despite these I like made me to be more particular in everything, to be more serious in whatever..
i applied it to my daily not to be surprise that I'm still with my jabatan bertahan ooo.he hehe
But I must admit that Money is quite important too..for several years i need my promotion..hehehe Lagipun banyak kekosongan yang bersesuaian with my qualification..
but do I enjoy my new job soon? Kalau dapat bagus kan? pelan2 boleh suka tu nanti..ha ha ha..
O GOD harap2 ini tahun naik lagi..ngeh ngeh (peace)